Annual Chairman’s Report — 1st July 2015

Annual Chairman’s Report — 1st July 2015

Annual Chairman’s Report – 2015

As reported last year, the first member meeting of your Club was in February 2005. We have now achieved out 10th Birthday.

You, the members and your partners, have helped this Club attain permanent status within a ten year existence. From a small aim to be happy to achieve a membership of thirty members, we have matured into a Club of over a hundred members, and still growing. Please don’t expect an accurate number of members from Tim tonight as he is still receiving subscriptions for the coming year. We have no reason to believe the number will be lower than one hundred.

This year we have had an array of meetings relating to De Dions, 3D Printing and other interesting veteran vehicle topics, to which we get the usual numbers of members attending, which always exceeds forty persons. Besides the speakers, it is you the members who make the evening more pleasing by the extended discussions that occur after the official meeting is concluded.

Our monthly runs this year have covered heading all places North, South, East and West of the City. Not too hard I guess in the City of Adelaide and its environs. Thank you to Neil for being our Rallymaster for the year!

Besides the monthly runs, Neil, with the enthusiastic (as always) help of David Chantrell and Di Barber, ran our annual weekend rally, which was well attended. They found even more places to visit with our beautiful vehicles in the Adelaide Hills. Prospect Hill was the breath of fresh air for me, even though my arrival was delayed by a simple case of “ran out of petrol”. We say well done to our famous Neil, David and Di trio.

My thanks go to Tim Rettig for balancing the books this year, and to the committee of Peter Allen, Tony Beaven, Neil Francis, Andrew Hayes, Julian McNeil and Dudley Pinnock as our Minute Secretary. I thank you all for your hard work this year. Specifically, I need to thank Tony Beaven for his long spell as Editor for your Club Bulletin, and more recently for his stint as a committee member. Thank you Tony.

We welcome Frank Cord-Udy into the role of Editor. Our fourth in ten years! Well done to you and past Editors for your help in providing ongoing information to our members. One other person to thank is Trish for preparing a large platter of sandwiches at each meeting. By the time I have tidied up my notes, etc., after the meeting, I sometimes get one piece!

Lastly, I say thank you to all our members, both here tonight, and those that can’t be here this evening. I am overwhelmed by your support for your Club and its committee. Thank you.

Phil Keane

VCCSA Chairman

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