Chairmans Report — April 2018

Chairmans Report — April 2018

Chairmans Report — April 2018

A good number of our members offered their vehicles for the VSCC Gathering Day in the west parklands.  The morning started with some rain scaring off some possible participants, but by the time most had left the ‘Coffee and Cars’event the weather was getting better all the time.  It is always good to see the veteran vehicles roll up and capture the attention of all the other vehicle owners.   There was a good turnout of members and their vehicles from the VCCSA – six veteran vehicles in total as well as some opting to come in their vintage cars.  I thank all those VCCSA members who made the effort to attend this display.  Given the fact that this opportunity is for us to share the importance of our movement, we need to ensure we are seen to have an active presence, especially at events like this. Visit the VCCSA website for photos from the event. Such activities are now even more important to be involved in. . . . .  Last month we heard for Doug D Clutch on the challenges facing the historic motoring movement.  Only this month, we hear that our national representative body – The Association of Veteran Car Clubs in Australia(TAVCCA) – has decided to walk away from the table in regards to advocating and fighting for our privileges as owners and custodians to ensure we can continue to use these wonderful moving pieces of history without restriction into the future. TAVCCA will now solely focus on rally rotations.  My personal view is one of dismay, as I fear this is a backwards move and leave us all without a voice on major national issues.  It now means we have to tackle these challenges as a single entity and can only address issues at a state level – even then we need to negotiate and work these issues through our state based Federation of Historic Car Clubs of SA.

Membership Notices

This month starts the membership renewal drive.  With this Bulletin you will find both the AGM Notification/Committee Nomination form along with the membership renewal form.  There has been no increase in membership fees since last year and this is due to the fine work of the Treasurer and your Committee to manage the clubs funds with prudence.  I would like to remind you, that it is your responsibility as a member/associate member to ensure you are financial each year and by the AGM.  It is not the responsibility of the club to remind members throughout the year of their membership status.  It is our responsibility to advise the Registrar of Motor Vehicles when a member is not financial.   Furthermore, as your vehicles come up for registration renewals, Service SA is now recording which club your vehicle is registered through as part of their vehicle/club capturing process. I am sure that this information is being gathered for some purpose we are yet to hear about.  Please make every effort to comply with our renewal deadlines and historic registration requirements.  There are consequences if these are not followed.

Bay to Birdwood

The VCCSA has been advised that the Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs has passed the management and ownership of this event solely to the History Trust of SA (Birdwood Mill).  We are yet to hear what the benefits or implications of this action will mean for us as a Club and as participants in this event.  One action the Committee has just become aware of is that the History Trust has subsequently sought to on-sell previous years participants personal entry/contact details!  I for one was not aware that last time I entered that this personal information would be gathered and then sold to make a quick profit!  Your Committee has taken great issue with this action and is making enquiries to investigate on what grounds we have to limit the sharing of member’s personal details and voice our contempt.

Rally a go!

I’d like to conclude this month’s report by saying how thrilled I am to see so many participants taking part in our annual Weekend Rally in Mannum.  It’s shaping up to be an amazing experience with many members getting involved either driving their vehicles or support the others who do.  Thanks to Andrew and the Rally Team for preparing this event for us.  I am particularly looking forward to my ride on the PS Marion.  This will be an amazing experience.  If you can only get to the rally for one day, I think Saturday will be the day – a great mixture of entertainment and a short drive along the river’s edge!  If you would like to join us on the Saturday, please contact Andrew to discuss availability of taking part.

Until Mannum, keep those motors running!

Happy veteran motoring.                                           Hamish McDonald (Chair)

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