Chairmans Report — January 2018

Chairmans Report — January 2018

Chairmans Report — January 2018

Happy New Year to the members and friends of the Veteran Car Club of SA!

With this month’s newsletter, you will also find a copy of the VCCSA Calendar of Events for 2018 along with details for some upcoming events. The Committee hopes that in providing this information early on, it will assist with your preparations and planning to make every effort to be involved in some or perhaps all of these events with your veteran vehicles.

Rallies and Events

With happy memories of Clare still fresh in our minds, I hope you have started giving some thought towards rekindling that same enthusiasm for the VCCSA Mannum State Rally in April. The Rally Director has put a lot of thought towards this event and it looks to be a packed weekend of experiences. A copy of the Entry Form has been included with this Bulletin, please not the closing date for entries, but more importantly, the reserved motel accommodation will be released to the general public very soon.

There must be a connection between the amount of effort it takes to get a veteran vehicle ready to drive and being behind the wheel for as long as possible maybe makes all that effort worthwhile. Whatever the connection, people appear to make more of an effort to participate in longer running events. As a response to this, the September Creepy Crawly event is under consideration to expand into a weekend event open to all types of vehicles, but with a focus on short runs over mostly flat terrain to encourage the 1 and 2’s to take part. More information will come forward on this event as the details are worked through.

This year it would be really good if the VCCSA can organise a solid turnout to the Historic Motor Vehicle Gathering in the Parklands. This Vintage Sports Car Club of South Australia event has really grown over the years and the hospitality offered at the display has greatly improved. If there is interest from the membership to take part, perhaps VCCSA participants can gather prior to the event and then proceed to the display as a group.

National Roster of Members

This year the national veteran car clubs are putting together an updated national roster of members. This has been no simple task and as a club we should all be very grateful to Terry Parker and Tim Rettig for sourcing, updating and preparing this to forward for publication. In addition to this, it has become apparent that we now need to act on our membership renewals a lot earlier to support those who process this important information, so that we can communicate successfully with you the membership. As I mentioned last year, the Committee has decided to invite membership renewals to be finalised by the 31st July/1st August.

Finally, our club is built on the collective interests, enthusiasm to continue our motoring heritage and to share this with the general public. Let’s hope we can experience as many opportunities along these lines during 2018. I look forward to catching up with many of you at our first Gathering for the year this February.

Happy veteran motoring.                                           Hamish McDonald (Chair)


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