Chairmans Report — November 2017

Chairmans Report — November 2017

Chair’s Report — November 2017

Last month we celebrated the many events the Veteran Car Club of SA were involved with, such as the Veteran Motorcycle and TAVCCA Veteran Vehicle Rally and also the Down Under London to Brighton Run. It was great to have members contribute their collection of images from across all these events as we remembered the highlights.

In this month’s bulletin, you will read a little more on the Association of Veteran Car Clubs in Australia (TAVCCA) Annual General Meeting which occurred prior to the Clare Rally. TAVCCA is the overarching body from which all veteran car clubs in Australia unite to support our movement. This is one group of colleagues within our Australian motoring fraternity which greatly supports and advocates strongly to ensure our vehicles have a continued presence in our 21st century way of life.

The Clare Rally was certainly a high point to experience so many of our vehicles on the road at the same event. It is always an enjoyable experience to travel with so many similar vehicles, which spurs me on to the next event. Later this month a few of us will make an effort to attend the Victorian Annual Rally in Ballarat. This looks to be another well planned event for veteran vehicles, and also affirms the strong relationship the VCCSA has established with other like-minded clubs. As the dust has now settled on the major events of 2017, don’t lose your enthusiasm for getting out your veteran! The 2018 Veteran Car Club of SA annual state rally will soon be here. Have you made your plans to get to Mannum in April? Rally Director, Andrew Hayes, is putting together a series of days with a range of experiences for us to enjoy. I am sure we all look forward to hearing more on this as the final touches are made.

Finally, looking forward to next month’s Gathering, we have our annual end of year celebration and invite you to come along for a more social time and chat with those present.

Happy veteran motoring.                                           Hamish McDonald (Chair)

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