Chairmans Report — October 2017

Chairmans Report — October 2017

Chair’s Report — October 2017

I am very pleased to report that the extremely busy month of September has now passed and what a busy month. Many of us were involved with the National Motorcycle Rally, the AVCCA National Veteran Vehicle Rally or the London to Brighton Down Under. Whichever event it was – or perhaps you were extremely enthusiastic or ‘lucky’ to have taken part in all three – I hope it was an enjoyable time to be on the road driving your piece of antique automotive history.

Personally, taking part in the AVCCA National Vehicle Rally meant catching up with friends and colleagues I have encountered at previous events, as well as forming new friendships with people who share the same interest in veteran vehicles. I especially appreciated making new contacts with the few Hupmobile owners at the rally, as they are now my new ‘best’ friends as I gear up to start returning a very rare early prototype production 1909/10 Model D touring back into service. Believed to be part of the initial small batch which produced the first automobile to travel around the world!

What was your favourite memory of these three major events? Do you have a story to share? What about an image or more? This month’s Gathering is an opportunity to share your favourite moments from any of these events. We will have a photo competition and the winner will walk away with a prize. So start combing through your photos and pull out a handful to share.

Here are some moments to get you thinking. . . . . !



Furthermore, whilst you are working through your photos, perhaps you might find some more current images of your vehicle which we can place on the VCCSA website. You would be surprised to learn how often we receive enquiries from people researching vehicles from around the world and somehow land on the clubs webpage and then make contact in the hope that someone might be able to assist them with their restorations.

  • 2018 National Veteran Motorbike Rally – Ulverstone, Tasmania
  • 2018 TAVCCA National Veteran Vehicle Rally – Forbes, NSW (23/9 – 28/9)
  • Recipient of the Montague Trophy was Greg Smith (Victoria)

Happy veteran motoring.                                           Hamish McDonald (Chair)

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