Chairmans Report — September 2017

Chairmans Report — September 2017

Chair’s Report — September 2017

Spring is finally here and, hopefully, we can now leave behind a rather cold winter. The last few months haven’t provided the ideal conditions for venturing out in our antique vehicles. Given this, let’s hope the weather fines up and keeps warm as we look towards a number of significant events where our vehicles will be eagerly awaited and actively involved. This month finds our members taking part in the National Motor Bike Rally, the National Veteran Vehicle Rally and the Down Under London to Brighton Run. It’s certainly a busy time for our movement and I hope you will find some way to get involved and be a participant or make the effort to go and watch the roads swell with veteran vehicles.

The London to Brighton Run looks to be a particularly significant experience with 2017 being the 30th year of this event and there being nearly 30 plus entrants – and there’s still room for more. If you know anyone interested to enter this event, please direct them to the Vintage Sports Car Club website or phone the organisers 0419 806 552. They are still very happy to accommodate late entries.

I know all of you join me in wishing the different event organisers every success, as their planning and long hours of preparation finally pay off, leaving all those involved with great memories.

September Club Run

Further details are available in this Bulletin, but I would just like to highlight the significance of this month’s Club Run as we honour Neil Francis’ legacy. This is the inter-club run that Neil was planning with the Morris Car Club at the end of last year. It has also been suggested that each car involved makes a $5 contribution to the charity endorsed by Neil’s Family. We can collect this donation either on the day or at the September VCCSA Gathering. I know many of you will see this event as a possible ‘shake-down’ run leading into the National Rally in Clare and I hope you will feel moved to support this effort in Neil’s memory.

Membership Renewals

September is the last chance for members of the VCCSA to renew memberships and also have logbooks endorsed for the next financial year. There is also a requirement of our Club Registrar to notifying the Registrar of Motor Vehicles of any un-financial members that hold conditional registration through our club, as any vehicle registration becomes void. The Membership Secretary would like to remind those with outstanding memberships that these are now overdue and should be paid ASAP. Please note a membership renewal form MUST be returned as part of renewing your membership.

Happy veteran motoring.                                                                               Hamish McDonald (Chair)

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