Chairs Report — January 2019

Chairs Report — January 2019

Chairs Report — January 2019

Wishing the members and friends of the Veteran Car Club of SA a Happy New Year! 

 In between the sudden heatwave we experienced across the state, I still found a little bit of time to get to the shed late at night – when it was a fair bit cooler – to continue the tweaking of a few cars.  I have not had any complaints from the neighbours about grinders and other loud noises emanating from the shed as these old cars splutter to life around midnight!  So this is all good.

I recently received in the post a new connecting rod for my Brush Runabout, which was a copy of an original hinge type that I commissioned early in 2018.  I had been using a modified one, which was the wrong length and shape.  While it worked well, the concern was whether it would last having been cut down and welded together as some stage during the past 38 years of neglect.  It has been an interesting experience and required pulling the entire motor apart to prepare and fit accordingly.  I am currently running it in, and so far it appears to be working well.   The goal is to have it running nicely for the 3rd National Brush Rally to be held in Goolwa the week after Easter.

State Rally:

The organising team lead by Andrew Hayes is now ready to release the Registration Form. A copy has been included with this Bulletin and please note the closing date for entries, but more importantly, the reserved motel accommodation will be released to the general public very soon.

National Roster of Members:

Last year TAVCCA started the process to publish another national veteran car clubs roster of members and vehicles.  This has been no simple task and sadly did not eventuate for a number of reasons.  So 2019 could be the year to receive your new roster!  It would be good to have this document as up-to-date as possible as there will be a long gap between this publication and any future editions – with the move to an electronic version being supported at the last TAVCCA Annual General Meeting.  If you have any contact or vehicle details to update, please speak with our Treasurer/Membership Secretary who handles this information.

I hope to see you on our Australia Day Run, weather permitting, and at the first Gathering in February for 2019.

Happy veteran motoring.                               Hamish McDonald (Chair)

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