Chairs Report — June 2018

Chairs Report — June 2018

Chairs Report — June 2018

Dear VCCSA Member,

I was recently watching a documentary on the early founding years of the Buick Motor Company and the role of William Durant (pictured) in this process and his desire to develop several motoring manufacturing companies like General Motors and Chevrolet, only to lose everything by 1936 and be totally bankrupt.  It is an interesting story of motoring company acquisitions by Durant with names such as Oldsmobile and Cadillac, and he even offered to buy out Ford for $8 million just before he started his Model T production.  On which, after starting production and having some sales, Ford then raised the asked price to $35million!

What was surprising is to hear all the names of the various people involved such as Nash, Chrysler, DuPoint. I would like to share this documentary with you one day, if I can track down the source.



First Buick Car – Circ. 1904


AGM, Annual Club Dinner and Administration:

A reminder the VCCSA AGM will take place next month and this Wednesday is the last date to nominate for a position on the Managing Committee.  Have you thought about offering your time and ideas to the running of our club?  If you are interested to get involved, please forward your completed form to the Secretary.

Details for our Annual Club Dinner are given in this month’s Bulletin.  We ask you to indicate your desire to attend this event in advance, so preparations can be made.  This year the dinner will take place at the Avoca Hotel, Edwardstown.

In line with the new Conditional Registration Scheme, we no longer require statutory declarations, but the club still requires you to present your logbooks on an ANNUAL basis for them to be assessed (90 day vehicle use) and renewed for the next 12 months. Logbooks are valid for only 3 years with consecutive club membership. If you require a new logbook, these will cost you $2 each. If any membership is in arrears, these will also require payment prior to logbook renewal.  Please note that the VCCSA now withdraws membership of non-financial members after 30 days from the end of the financial year and it is the member’s responsibility to ensure they renew their membership as required.

To assist you with all this, the VCCSA will hold its annual Logbook day on Saturday the 23rd of June at the Colonel Light Garden RSL.  Please feel free to drop past at any time from 11am – 1pm on this day to complete your registration renewals. Club Registrars are also able to renew your logbooks at Gatherings and also by personal arrangement.  Please contact Club Registrar – Peter Allen, for further information.

Happy veteran motoring.                                             Hamish McDonald (Chair)

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