Chairs Report — October 2018

Chairs Report — October 2018

Chairs Report — October 2018

The past week has been a very memorable experience for me, as one of six South Australian participants in the 2018 TAVCCA National Rally in Forbes, hosted by the VCCA-NSW club.  It was just an amazing experience and demonstrates how well these events can come together when the rally organisers listen to feedback and aim to deliver the very best for the 148 entrants taking part.  During the week, I was able to keep regular updates and photos being shared using our newly constructed Facebook page.  Did any of you continue to watch this?  We were shared several times with other followers (and veteran car clubs) and also received a number oflikes.  I am hoping there will be a full report of the Forbes Rally in a later edition, but I would like to offer thanks from the VCCSA to John Burke and his Rally Team for their efforts.  I would also like to congratulate Kelvin Callahan (VCCA-Tas) on his recognition as the 2018 Montague Trophy recipient.

There were many moments that I am sure those who attended would like to share with you, and you will have an opportunity to witness and here more of these experiences at this week’s Gathering. I will be bringing along some videos and photos of the Rally.  If you have any to share, please being these along to share with the wider membership.

The past month offered a significant VCCSA highlight with our Southern Weekend Adventure put together by Rally Director Julian McNeil.  This was a departure from the more formal rally events and also saw a large

turnout for the first time.  I think this demonstrates the demand from the membership to have multiple opportunities to drive our vehicles over a series of days rather than one off morning runs. Morning or short runs will still be a feature of our club, as some members are better able to access these. However, it is clear that two weekend events a year are clearly a go for 2019.

To round out the month, the Bay to Birdwood Run was heldlast Sunday, andI hope that those who took part found this event to be worthwhile and enjoyable.  The weather was certainly in your favour!

 Happy veteran motoring.                               Hamish McDonald (Chair)

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