FORMS — templates to assist members

This is the application form for the 100th Anniversary Car Plaque (Badge).

Please note that an application can only be made in relation to a vehicle that has been formally dated by a member club of the AVCCA.


The RAA Service Area Map 2016 to delineate Metro versus Country Areas.


This year’s Down Under London to Brighton Run will be held on the 27thOctober, 2019

If you have previously entered this event we would like to see you again. If you have not been involved in the past we encourage you to seriously consider bringing your veteran vehicle along to add to the spectacle of the 32nd consecutive running of this iconic event which promises to continue the traditions established over the years.

If it is your intention to enter, please complete the application form which is available here.

EOI Form for the 2020 1 & 2 Cylinder National Rally – Charleville QLD

Rally Dates: Wednesday 1/4/2020 – Tuesday 7/4/2020

Hosted by the Veteran Car Club of Australia (QLD) Inc. For more information contact the 2020 National 1 & 2 Cylinder Rally Directors Graham Donges 0417 718 617 • Irene Donges 0419 751 324

Read the Rally Newsletter #1

The VCCSA Vehicle Dating Form.

Please refer to the VCCSA Policy on Authentication document when completing the VCCSA Vehicle Dating Form.

This sheet is the VCCSA Veteran Vehicle Inspection for Conditional Registration advisory note (October 2017), if taken to the vehicle inspection, may help to guide the inspector.

Members presenting vehicles for inspection continue to have problems with Inspectors being unfamiliar with the rules which apply to our vehicles. It was simpler when there was only one class of eligible vehicles. The Departmental hierarchy do know the application of the various requirements but unfortunately they are not present when the problems arise.  The relevant provisions are found in the ROAD TRAFFIC (Light Vehicles) Rules, 2013 Division 3, Sub-division 2, Section 16(f).