From the Chairman — December 2016

From the Chairman — December 2016

From the Chairman — December 2016

Last month saw our veteran cars out on the roads in a series of significant motoring events. The first event to kick off was a new venture by our club to facilitate a weekend of motoring for those involved in the Down Under London to Brighton Run. It’s always difficult to try something new and the Run to Patritti Wines was a familiar one for some, but a challenge when you consider the following day saw the same vehicles on the road in the new format of the VSCC’s successful event. A more comprehensive report on the Down Under London to Brighton Run is found later in this newsletter. However, I must make mention that many or all of the veterans entered in this event were by members of our club. Further to this, VCCSA member Martyn Carter, was suitably recognised for his excellent 1904 Cadillac with the Shannon’s Trophy. Well done and congratulations, Martyn.

The other major event was of course the National Veteran Vehicle Rally in Tasmania. It’s always a major excursion to travel to a national rally, but adding in the complexities and additional challenges of an ocean voyage gives scope for some excitement. It was great to see so many SA vehicles make that effort and I would like to acknowledge and applaud all the members of our club who made this effort.

Recently some members of our club share the sad news that Dave Potter (of Dave Potter Motors fame) passed away. Talking to people who knew him, it is clear that Dave’s enthusiasm for all things to do with cars carried his interest in motoring across many eras. And whilst he settled on veteran cars in his senior years, it is well know that he was very proud of both his De Dion and the FN tourer. I am sure you will join me in extending our condolences to Carole and Potter family on Dave’s passing. (Photos courtesy T Parker – from “About Old Cars” publication)

To celebrate the first ten years of the Veteran Car Club of South Australia, Terry Parker has been sifting through club records, gathering information and talking with many people to produce an excellent and extensive document that recalls and records those foundation years for us all. I thank Terry for his efforts with this special project and those attending the Gathering on Wednesday will be able to access their own copy to take and keep.

This month’s Gathering signals the end to another exciting and interesting year for us as members of the VCCSA. We have had some successful events and seen some new and interesting vehicles complete their restorations and returned to the roads so we can all enjoy them.   This month we have our end of year celebration and I invite to you come along for a more social time as we chat about all things to do with our veteran cars. . . and so much more! If you can bring along a plate of nibbles or something to share with those present, that will make the evening another memorable night. We will also be showing some images in the background from the recent National Veteran Rally held in Tasmania.

See you on the road in your Veteran soon.

Hamish McDonald (Chair)

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