From the Chairman — December 2018

From the Chairman — December 2018

From the Chairman — December 2018

As we reach the end of the year, it is a time to look back and celebrate the many successful events that our club has been a major contributor to and held a significant role in organising, such as the TAVCCA National Rally in Clare. The end of the year is also a time to acknowledge the work of our membership to preserve and maintain their historic vehicles. This year we were witness to several vehicles completing their final restoration steps and returned to the road. For whatever reason one is drawn to the veteran motoring scene, as an association we continue to demonstrate our enthusiasm to be active members of the VCCSA and its aims, through our participation in the calendar of events and regularly attending our monthly Gatherings, with new members being actively welcomed.

In addition to this, some of us make that extra effort to support and develop our aims as part of the managing committee. Whilst we are all volunteers and make time to ensure there will be further meetings and events for us to share and enjoy in the future, ensuring memberships are paid and registrations renewed has been a continual challenge for those responsible. It is clear that we need to assist the greater good by starting to enforce all memberships are collected and paid promptly on time at the end of each financial year to alleviate the many hours of work checking and chasing payments.   As such, it will be necessary to invite all memberships to be renewed and paid for in a timely manner, i.e. by the 30th of June each year, with memberships that are not paid being suspended. We need to work together and support our association and those who volunteer their time to manage our memberships.

The December Gathering takes on a more social and festive tone as we count down the days until Christmas. This month we have our end of year celebration and I invite you to come along for a more casual night to discuss all things to do with veteran cars. Further to this, over the course of the year, you have been bombarded with progress updates about my Brush Liberty restoration project and I haven’t had an opportunity to rally it here in SA. Subject to good weather, I intend to share my Brush with you at the Gathering. Given it took only six months to restore from the ground up, it’s held up very well taking part in both the National Brush Rally and more recently on the VCCA-Victorian State Rally in Ballarat.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a very exciting New Year ahead.

Happy veteran motoring.                                           Hamish McDonald (Chair)

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