From the Chairman — February 2015

From the Chairman — February 2015

From the Chairman

The year has started off with a ‘cool’ run on Australia Day. Having the normal early start to cater for the potential hot weather, the weather was the coolest for ten years, apparently! The vehicles that started at the Botanic Park were three veterans, one vintage and a cluster of three early 50s classics.

We met again later at the Red Hill Bakehouse at Ethelton after almost getting there all the way in convoy. Traffic is quieter at that time of the morning. We were met there by most of the Fagan Clan (Anna, Fiona, Lynnear and Ilona) in a modern, and Jon and Di Pyle in their classic Vauxhall.

Again, because of the early start, we were able to seat ourselves reasonably comfortably. An hour later we would have been outside in the cool. But that would have been OK, it did get a little warmer. During the jolly breakfast, Fiona showed us some of her photos of the large scale art painting of buildings which are being carried out around the Port Adelaide area.

With a little coaxing, Fiona took us on an impromptu tour of some of the art installations. The first one was at the old ‘Bogs and Marshes’ building (Marine and Harbours). Fortunately the artists were still finishing their artwork there, using a cherry picker for access, and lots of spray cans, painting their artwork on one end of the eight (?) storey building. Fantastic! For a look at the M&H building, go to for a photo and click on Outdoors for an explanation of the artwork. Meanwhile, Neil picked up some New Zealand hitch hikers to join our tour. We were then guided to a few other sites around the Port, which, in some cases, were off the beaten track. Thank you Fiona and Lynnear, and thank you to Neil for organising the Australia Day run.

After a quick discussion with the participants on the day regarding the possibility of starting later for this particular run, all appeared to support the early start. Even with the extended tour on the morning, most people were able to be home by 11.30am, and they were able to participate in other Australia Day activities, if they wished.

For those who were waiting to hear about De Dion engines in March, please rearrange your diary to attend our meeting this Wednesday. Unfortunately for us, work has requested Julian to attend his clinic at Mount Gambier this week. Julian’s talk has been deferred to March.

You have been requested previously to check your personal and veteran motor vehicle details on the Club website in the Members Only area.

This is the list of our members which will be published nationally through the AVCCA, and this list will be submitted to the AVCCA at the end of this week. I found that there was a slight error on my listing, probably put there deliberately to see if the Chairman is checking his own details! It was then just an e-mail to Terry to make the correction. Adjustments can’t be made on line. Once you are in the Members Only area it is a simple way to check your details.

For those that don’t have e-mail access, please simply ring Terry and he will go through your listing with you. Terry will also be bringing the list on Wednesday evening for you to check your own details.

Happy veteran motoring.

Phil Keane

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