From the Chairman — February 2017

From the Chairman — February 2017

From the Chairman — February 2017

Since my last report, I have been extremely busy working to rebuild an early Brush Runabout that I acquired from the USA in the middle of 2016 and was only able to collect it on the 23rd of December – from Bathurst! This was a major effort to drive over and return by Christmas Eve. It was actually a very uneventful trip compared to my experiences going on the recent National Veteran Rally, for which I was very glad. The Brush, whilst being almost complete, had been stored for some 46 years in a barn and as a result time has taken its toll.   As some fellow Brush supports have said I am on a mission to achieve the world record for the restoration of a Brush. This will most likely need to be the case if it is to be finished and ready for the 2017 National Brush Rally in July. I am happy to keep a running commentary on this restoration if you are interested, it’s proving to be an interesting learning experience.

The New Year has well and truly started off in great fashion with our Australia Day Run through the Fleurieu and along the Willunga Ranges with a very successful turn out of members making the effort to take part. I think this event reflect the efforts of your Managing Committee to develop interesting journeys and a range of runs that reflect the diversity of our membership.

Last month you would have received the VCCSA Calendar and this highlights some of the other runs and events that the committee has planned for us to enjoy during the year. The Committee is also looking for opportunities to collaborate with other clubs that support the veteran movement and cater for our interests. I draw to your attention the planned Gawler Veteran and Vintage Run for 5th April and the recently modified date for the ‘Down Under’ London to Brighton to Sunday the 1st October to take advantage of the national rally participants – hopefully this earlier date remains permanent as this would reduce future clashes with other veteran vehicle events. Furthermore, as a club we are actively seeking to foster a stronger connection with our colleagues in the Veteran Car Club of Victoria. As such in this Bulletin you will see an entry form for their very successful 1 and 2 cylinder rally. This year it takes place in Hamilton. Can we get a group of VCCSA members to take part? The hope is that this relationship might develop further to where we will see different cars from both states taking part in each other’s events.

Looking forward to seeing you all at our first VCCSA Gathering for the year.

Hamish McDonald (Chair)

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