From the Chairman — July 2015

From the Chairman — July 2015

From the Chairman

Having received a full complement of people willing to take on the task of being part of the management committee of the Club, I suggest we are going to have a smoother running of your Club this coming year. Thank you in particular for Hamish McDonald in nominating for the position of Secretary.

As members, you have been previously advised that there is an AGM this coming Wednesday, and you have been notified of the nominations for the positions available. All new positions do not take effect until voted in, or otherwise, by a motion to that affect, with voting after the motion is put. There are no special motions to be put to the AGM, so the AGM should be over fairly quickly. There will then be the normal meeting straight afterwards.

At the AGM, under General Business, if you have positive input in recommending speakers or topics you would like to hear on our regular meeting nights, please provide them on the evening. Also, there has been a drop in attendance/interest in our outings recently. Is it due to the cold mornings, starting too early, too short, etc.? Please provide input on the evening. I promise to curtail the discussion if we get bogged down, and we will take on board extra input via the normal methods of communication.

There is no guest speaker for the evening, so come along and treat it as a Noggin & Natter evening. Members are invited to bring along a basket supper for the evening, to go with Trish’s sandwiches.

Members are reminded that Subs are now due.   Further to that, if you have a vehicle that is historically registered by this Club, do not drive it in until your subs are paid. Officially your vehicle is not registered without being a financial member after 1st of July. This is a new requirement brought in by the Registrar and is clarified in the Historic Registration article by Peter Allen in this months Bulletin. There will be no grace period. Membership that excludes historical registration this year has a final Subs due date of 31st of July 2015.

This is your last chance to notify us whether you will be attending the 10th Commemorative Dinner on Saturday night. Remember to provide your preference for the one or two course option. Some members have elected to go for the one course so they can have a dessert after the meal instead of an Entrée before. Extras like dessert and/or coffee/tea will be extra which you will pay for to the hotel separately on the night. Payment for your booked meal will be payable to the Club on arrival on the evening.

There will be no scheduled Club run in July due to the running of the Commemorative Dinner on July 4th .

Please enjoy your Bulletin produced this month under the guidance of our new Editor Frank Cord-Udy.

Happy veteran motoring.

Phil Keane

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