From the Chairman — August 2016

From the Chairman — August 2016

From the Chairman — August 2016

For my first report, I would like to start by affirming the success and future of our club and the veteran vehicle movement. We are indeed a very special part of the motoring enthusiast movement within Australia, and possibly the world, despite being only a small percentage of the overall mix of historic vehicles through to the 1980’s. Without specialist groups like ours catering for veterans it would surely shrink and probably die in the face of growing impediments.

Since our clubs creation, we are proud of what has evolved to support our interests, so we can continue to appreciate and share our passion with the wider public.

As the VCCSA continues to evolve and support the veteran vehicle movement, we are presented with increasing challenges that potentially may have an impact on our club. I think the recent “Letter to the Editor – What’s happening in the world of really old cars?” published in last month’s Bulletin starts to articulate some of the concerns. We have possibly reached the point in time where ‘restoring’ a veteran vehicle are almost gone and we enter a new phase of vehicle ‘maintenance.’ FIVA (Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens) recognises this fact in the Charter of Turin and I wonder whether this is the direction our movement is now headed? If this is so, as a club, we should support our members to restore any vehicles currently under restoration as well as document the vehicles we have and ensure they are advocated for (as part of our living history and also have a CONTINUED place and presence on our roads). To ensure these important steps are taken, I invite all members of the VCCSA to Register you vehicle through the VCCSA, encourage veteran vehicle owners from other clubs to join the VCCSA and finally celebrate your veteran vehicle (take a greater role in organising of club runs and rallies, articles in the Bulletin, and the sharing of expertise.)

The Bay to Birdwood presentation has shown us we need to continue to develop a stronger voice within the Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs. We need to make every effort to get our veterans out into the wider community and ensure our presence is maintained on the roads, supporting club events in our veterans but also taking part in other events which best cater for the needs of our vehicles. Without this element of enjoyment, our vehicles are simply museum pieces!

Our club has a sound base to build on, due to the work of your Committee and I thank those elected last year for their continued contributions again this year, as well as welcoming Ian Voysey, who will be joining the Committee. Finally, I would like to acknowledge the contribution Phil Keane has made in his leadership of the club over the past 3 years. Your achievements as Chair have been well applauded. A significant highlight would be the acceptance of our club into the national association of veteran car clubs – the AVCCA.

Hamish McDonald (Chair)

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