From the Chairman — June 2017

From the Chairman — June 2017

From the Chairman — June 2017

If this month’s Newsletter reaches you later than normal, it’s possibly my fault as I have been rather busy over the past week working frantically with my brothers, Lachlan and Travis, to move my little Brush restoration project forward at speed, as the final countdown begins for the 2nd National Brush Rally – more later on this. . . .

The passing of Neil Francis:

I would actually like to commence this month’s Chair Report recognising the passing or our friend and veteran motoring colleague, Neil Francis. Neil’s contributions to our movement and the club have been carefully recounted and have been shared with you all later in this edition by Terry Parker, who had a great deal of interaction with Neil during the restoration of his ‘prize winning’ Napier, and also as a colleague during Neil’s tenure on the VCCSA Managing Committee. I know we were all shocked with the passing of Neil and already we are noticing the many roles and contributions Neil made to the smooth running of our club. He was a gentle and well respected gentleman liked by all and will be sadly missed.

To honour and pay tribute to Neil’s legacy, the club is looking to proceed with the combined inter-club run that Neil was spearheading with the Morris Car Club of S.A. for early September. It has also been suggested that each car involved makes a contribution to the Leukaemia Foundation (as a Club we will collect up your donations on the day – or at the September Gathering – if you can’t make it on the day and would like to make a small contribution.) The VCCSA will forward a cheque from the club in Neil’s memory. I believe the Morris club is also looking to ask their members to make a similar contribution – which is a great gesture and shows the wider impact of Neil’s passing but also the spirit of mateship that is shared around the many historic motoring clubs in South Australia. I know many of you will see this event as a possible ‘shake-down’ run leading into the National Rally in Clare and I hope you will feel moved to support this effort in the name of Neil.

National Rally:

Talking of the National Rally in Clare, things are really starting to finalise for this and the organising group are already putting the final touches to the many days and events we can look to experience. Have you finalised your entry yet? The rally organisers have also made a request to our club for marshals. If we are to make the rally a success, the club will need to step up and support this request. More details will be made available Wednesday night, but if you can help for a day – or longer – that would be great. If you are a participant, this might exclude you, but as we are all trained traffic marshals, we can all put up our hands and help. On Wednesday we will pass around a sheet where you can record your name/details and available days.

AGM, Annual Club Dinner and Administration:

A reminder that the VCCSA AGM will take place next month and this Wednesday is the last date to nominate for a position on the Managing Committee. Have you thought about offering your time and ideas to the running of our club? If you are interested to get involved, please pass your completed form to the Secretary by 8pm.   Details for our Annual Club Dinner are given in this month’s Bulletin. We ask you to indicate your desire to attend this event in advance, so preparations can be made. Basically, it’s the same location and format as last year. It was very casual and a great night.

Finally, I thank the membership for the contact and questions over the changes to our historical/conditional registration scheme. Details on this front have been inconsistent and various. It is interesting to see the range of information other clubs have been telling their members. As a club, we are guided by the Federation, as they are the administrators for our registration scheme and I invite you to read the comments in this edition provided by Peter Allen (Club Registrar) on our current position.

‘Brushing’ close to a deadline:

As I mentioned very briefly, the target is the July National Brush Rally. Things went quiet for a while due to work commitments, but over the past few weekends and into cold Adelaide nights I have seen a rapid process of restoration! The Brush is starting to take shape and as I near the final stages. . . I wonder if this is possibly the most challenging phase. Will I make it? The next month will tell. Getting it registered will take place soon and this is always a major headache here is SA.

Happy veteran motoring.   Hamish McDonald (Chair)

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