From the Chairman — March 2015

From the Chairman — March 2015

From the Chairman

What a great stand in for our last meeting with Terry Parker giving us a well informed talk about De Dion engines. For their time, and still, they were very smartly engineered and efficient engines. Terry has pulled a few apart in his time, and related well the diversions taken by previous people with regard to the use of the right parts and their proper positioning in previous motor rebuilds. Terry related stories about early copies of the engine, even in Australia, and how you can now get a full reproduction engine, if you wish! A real engine was on display, and we were impressed that Brian and Maria Love came from over the border at short notice from Robertstown, Victoria, to listen to Terry’s talk on the evening.   Thank you Terry.

All British Day saw a great roll up of our members getting to Echunga under their own steam, and at their own timing. Great weather on the day, and a great collection of cars.

It is interesting to make note of some of the dissertations from the Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs SA Inc. with regard to Historic Registration requirements, and useful for reminding members and officials of Clubs of their responsibilities.

From FHMC SA Aug 2014 Minutes.

‘All clubs will need to have inspected all vehicles that were on conditional registration at the commencement of the revised Code of Practice, i.e.1st July 2012, prior to 31st June 2015”. if the vehicle has not been presented and inspected during the 3 year period, regardless of whether the owner provided a Statutory Declaration for all 3 years (which he/she has to as well), DO NOT sign the logbook, the owner has failed to meet all conditions of the Code. Add this owner/vehicle to your letter of non-financial members to DPTI at the appropriate time. This letter should contain two components:

  1. declaring non-financial members and
  2. declaring members/vehicles not meeting the requirements of the code.”

And further from the minutes of Dec 2015.

‘The commencement date is the Start of the Club Year and the Expiry Date is the end of the Club Year, this date can include any ‘such grace period’ that the Club allows, up to a 2 months maximum.

NOTE: It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that they are a financial member of the Club, NOT the Club’s responsibility to chase them!”

“Clubs are reminded that once they have notified DPTI of un-financial members the Club’s involvement is finished. All subsequent correspondence is between DPTI and the Club member’.

Members are reminded that besides their registration certificate, they also need to carry a receipt of their registration in the vehicle as well.

Robert Shannon Foundation – Applications for this year’s grants must be received by the 1st of May. Two of our membership are eligible to apply, the rest of our members can only wish. The grant is only available for members under 30 years of age!

Trish and I will be away from the 1st until 17th March. We look forward to seeing you at the Hahndorf Rally at the end of March. Unfortunately the Siddeley Deasy will not be attending on this occasion.

Happy veteran motoring.

Phil Keane

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