From the Chairman — March 2017

From the Chairman — March 2017

From the Chairman — March 2017

Well ‘Mad March’ is finally here and as a proud South Australian, we all know this is a particularly very busy time for us all with the V8’s racing through the city streets, the Fringe, the Adelaide Festival and all the other events that take place in and around the City. Let’s add another event and hold our annual Creepy Crawly Run for 1 and 2 cylinder vehicles! Taking place well away from all the headaches and traffic of the city limits, the VCCSA invites owners of all veteran vehicles (even those vehicles with more than the 1 or 2 cylinders) to join us as we traverse the relatively flat plains of the southern vales on the 5th of March. This run is always well patronised by our club and ends up being a very enjoyable event.

Unfortunately for me, my little Brush project won’t be taking part this year with progress starting to slow as my work commitments steadily increase. However, the good news is that there has been a considerable bust of enthusiasm up to now with a new timber chassis made to replace the one that was broken and a new body being completed.

Whilst still on the topic of 1 and 2 cylinder events, the Victorians are finalising their annual 1 and 2 cylinder event for 2017 to take place in Hamilton. I hear there are already several SA members showing an interest in attending and this is fantastic. We look forward to hearing more on how this event unfolds.

I would like to share with members the unfortunate news that Neil Francis (our enthusiastic Committee and Co-Rally Master) has been hospitalised with acute Leukaemia.   This would be a shock to many, and on your behalf, we have passed on the best wishes of the VCCSA to Neil and his family. Winston Churchill once said, ‘Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.’ Keep positive, Neil. We all look forward to you driving your Napier again with us on your recover.

Happy veteran motoring.   Hamish McDonald (Chair)

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