From the Chairman — May 2015

From the Chairman — May 2015

From the Chairman

Besides there being many showers in April, it seems like a long time between meetings and outings. Must be the chillier nights!
Again, Julian provided us with an interesting talk last month. This time it was with regard to the history of the Argyll motor vehicle, from meagre beginnings, to being a very popular vehicle, which required the owners to build a bigger and better factory (some would say grand!). Then they were confronted with the big daddy of GFCs (The Depression), and they retreated from the vehicle manufacturing business. Thank you Julian.

We were addressed some time ago, and by spot reports in the Bulletin, by Darryl Grey with updates of the progress of his restoration of his then newly acquired Renault CB, which in it’s past life had been very badly incinerated. Darryl is going to address us with his latest updates on the restoration at this coming meeting on Wednesday.

Having gone to a training session with Stuart MacDonald recently to be trained as a Traffic Marshal, which was organised by the All British Day Committee, I reported back to our committee how simple the procedure was. It is in the interest of our Club for us to have suitably qualified people on our runs, or other motor vehicle events you may be involved in.

The SA Police have volunteered (I believe the police who attend are not paid for their services on the evening) to address and train those who are interested in this qualification. There has apparently already been some interest from people outside of our Club who would also like to attend. Feel free to invite other people if they wish to attend.

The period of training takes about 30 minutes or less, depending on questions. The qualification is permanent and does not have to be renewed, and an ID card is issued to those attending.
The training is very informative, especially in the understanding you as a driver, and/or navigator, will gain with regard to the requirements of having to obey these marshals when they are on duty.

The Club has programmed that this will occur at our normal meeting night on Wednesday 5th August. Happy Veteran Motoring.

Phil Keane

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