From the Chairman — May 2016

From the Chairman — May 2016

From the Chairman — May 2016

April’s meeting evening was again well attended, and we were presented with another thoroughly researched talk by David Chantrell. David continued his delving into the Fraser and Duncan story and provided further research into the other body builders within the Adelaide square mile from the early 1900s, including some premises alongside Churches, and others who decided to shift across the road from the Church! Being a lighting person, I took more than the normal interest in the illuminated sign above the Fraser and Duncan factory. Thank you David.

Our run to Clarendon was reasonably well attended. Some did the trip to the Clarendon Oval for morning tea, after purchasing the normal delicacies from the Clarendon Bakery. Disappointing to start with to find there was no seating at the Oval shed anymore. Suitable seats were found that were closer to the ground, or others just stood. The option of just doing the Clarendon run appears to be well accepted by the participants.

A small contingent of vehicles went on to the Molly Dooker winery for some tasting. We were well treated and the tastings were carried out in the sheltered seating area adjacent to the tasting rooms.

The only hiccup with vehicles on the run was the signs of the Siddeley not wanting to proceed any further, and the request for the RAA had to be made! It seems RAA Plus membership is no longer a good deal with towing travel anymore. Best to upgrade to the next level by the looks of it!

Remember the AGM is coming up in July. Nominations for all committee positions are due on the last Wednesday of this month.

The Annual Club Commemorative dinner is to be held on the 9th of July, the week after the AGM.

See you on Wednesday for the presentation of “A Jam Tin of Mosquitoes“ by Monty Smith.

Happy veteran motoring.                                                                                                       Phil Keane

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  1. I am keen to be put in touch with David Chantrell re Duncan & Fraser. I am researching the visit of the aviator R Graham Carey who flew a Bleriot in Adelaide and also Gawler. This was in 1917. Carey crashed his plane and Duncan & Fraser repaired it.


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