Quality not quantity — Wittunga Botanic Gardens run

Quality not quantity — Wittunga Botanic Gardens run

Neil couldn’t have organised better weather for his run, it was very mild and pleasant, perfect for veteran motoring. Unfortunately the long weekend took its toll and only two veteran vehicles turned out: Phil and Trish in the Siddeley-Deasy and Julian in his “Indian Red” Clement Bayard (taking it out for a test run after having done some suspension work I believe). Neil, Stuart, Claire and I adde ...[Read More]

Arthur Mullins celebrates 100th birthday, still driving his classic 1908 Darracq

Mr Arthur Mullins in his 1908 Darracq

Read this article reproduced by permission from the Advertiser about centenarian Mr Arthur Mullins and his 1908 Darracq.

A Different Napier

When I was about 15, and still a long way from having a drivers’ licence, a friend showed me an advertisement in a magazine for a 1908 60HP Napier Racer for sale. It had an engine of almost 12 litres, which really appealed. Needless to say, even nearly 50 years ago, the price was more akin (in pounds) to a telephone number than a sum of money to a schoolboy on a weekly allowance. It served, howeve ...[Read More]

The motor cars of Ardmeen

1912 Leon Bollee

Most of us will know that Dr. Arthur Gault (1864-1917) owned a 1901 New Orleans car (March 1901), actually a re-badged Vivinus from Belgium. George Brooks’ books show it in Gault’s hands (Book 1, p 2) and then later in the Rev. Bloyd’s ownership (Book 2 p. 3). Ron Bloyd who was known to many of us was of course the Reverend’s son. Arthur Gault moved to Australia to relieve his asthma, and because ...[Read More]

They don’t come much bigger

They don’t come much bigger

Louis Renault never seemed to be concerned about producing too many models, because he obviously believed in market saturation. Thus by 1911 Renault offered 9 automobiles - from the 8HP twin to the 40HP six cylinder, and the 45HP four cylinder; 6 lorries - from a carrying capacity of 500 kg to 5 tonnes; plus a bus chassis; 10 motors - from 8 to 40HP for general application; 5 motors for aviation p ...[Read More]

Delage — A visit to ‘The Shed’

Delage — A visit to ‘The Shed’

Julian ‘phoned to say that we had been invaded by Tasmanians, and I suggested that just as England at one time had trouble with the Vikings, once they intermarried, learned the language and had taken all the good stuff, they were no longer a problem. As Julian must continue working to pay for his indiscretions, he thought that maybe the visitors could call mid- week to have a look at the wreckage ...[Read More]

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